Interesting facts about instagram

Interesting facts about instagram

In this digitalized world everything is done through internet. When it comes to communication, social network is being used. The trend of social network will also get changed with the change in period. Recently the instagram is being used by majority of the people. It is photo and video sharing application that acts as a social network all over the world. The application will be available for both the android and the iOS platform. So you can download and use them in your mobile phone. When compared to other photo sharing app, instagram consists of enhanced features and that is why people are increasingly interested in using the app.

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What is so special about this app?

This app will consist of the inbuilt photo enhancing feature and there is no need to search for any other app to enhance your pictures. You can directly take through the app and apply the effects that you like and instantly you can upload them in the instagram account of yours.  Moreover you can set the privacy setting that who could view the pictures the posts that you are sharing and who should not view them.  In other simple words we can say that the visibility of the post can be restricted.

You can search the pictures of other people in instagram with the help of Instagram Search engine easily. If you enter the hashtags, name, or any other tags to get the pictures. On seeing those pictures you can come to know how people are enjoying their life distinctly and how differently they are taking the photos. It will give you the exposure on the culture of the people all over the world. Moreover the images will be taken in various angles and various places that might spice up the visual experience.

You can save the photos for future use and can share with your friends and like other social networks you can enjoy liking the posts of your friends as well as you can get the likes to the posts that you shared. Comments can be posted so that it will fun to experience with. Also you can reply to those comments. Ultimately it is a wonderful application that makes you to stay in touch with your friends and family regardless of the place where you are currently residing in. download and try it to experience the awesome features.