Get the awesome experience of android phones with the latest Oreo OS update

Get the awesome experience of android phones with the latest Oreo OS update

In the world of smartphones, Android is on the top of the list since it is the widely used operating systems. The main reason for this popularity is that this OS is bundled with so many interesting amenities which make the user to experience the wonderful things. This android is frequently launching its updated versions for the users to enjoy the trending features. Each version is having the unique features and they are extremely good for the users to get the awesome experience. In that way, Oreo is the latest version of Android and it is also come with so many interesting amenities that are given in this article.

Features of Oreo update

The newest version of Google’s mobile operating system is known as Android Oreo and it is the version of 8.0. This version is going to be used in the Pixel and Nexus devices. Truly, this new version has wide ranges of changes in storage features along with the enhanced looks and so there are tons of new stuffs available to explore.

  • Remodeled settings menu – This is the most visual change in this update. Here, the menu is shown in the white background instead of grey background.
  • Renovated file manager – Since the built in file manager of Android is not nice and so most of the users like to use third party apps. But, this Oreo update is featured with the excellent file manager where you can manipulate the files so easier.

  • Restrictions for battery saving feature – Oreo update is now available with the fixed issues of standby battery draining problems. Well, the doze mode of this version can make a full stop to this battery problem. Even though this feature is introduced in the previous Marshmallow version, it is now redesigned to give more features.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi automatically – In the previous versions of the Android version, you need to turn on the Wi-Fi feature in school or work to scan the access points throughout the day. But, this Oreo update use the location of your phone and turn on the Wi-Fi automatically when you have connected in the past.
  • Grainy storage controls – Whether you are frustrated with the out of storage problems in your mobile phone, then it is the right time to exchange it with Oreo update supported phone. Yes, this update allows the users to clear the memory and storage easier. Moreover, it gives special storage for different categories like music, games, TV apps and more.