The Top-rated Website Designing Practices of 2019

The Top-rated Website Designing Practices of 2019

With competition in the world of the Internet scaling new peaks with every passing fiscal year, so, today just having a business website would not script your success story. It is of great significance to know the top-rated practices of their business before launching an online presence.

Brand Consistency

If you have an online business, then it is imperative to build brand consistency in terms of designing a website. The branding of products and services on your website include a myriad of key digital assets-videos, photos, page graphics and the company’s logo and anything else that is related to your brand. Most of the marketers believe that branding is a critical component when designing a website.

A Call-to-Action

While, your business website might have a good-looking appeal and presenting positive user experiences, but if it does not tell what to do next, it will serve no purpose. So, it is of great importance to include a call-to-action button, as this is the first and last thing that your customers will see before leaving your business website. Having a clear-cut call to action button will direct customers to your website. If your goal is to leverage your visitor to make a purchase, then have a buy now or shop today call to action button.

Website Designing

Quick Loading Time 

One of the big reasons people will land to your website and hop out to your rivals, only if the loading speed of the website is slow. While, you probably want to invest in graphics and several design features, but it will cause the website to load in ages. Do you know, 3 to 5 seconds is what your web visitor has to make an impression about your business website? It is best if you reduce the image sizes, get rid of the redirects, clean up the Java and bad HTML and optimize the cache.

Image Correcting

It is important to keep up with the technologies and formats to reach out to the potential audience and at the same time, enhancing the UX experiences. When you take necessary steps to format the images better, the page load speed will increase, Formatting of the images must be done to ensure the images are optimized for a variety of screens.


If your website is WordPress, then coordinate with your web design Essex company, then you need to be careful with the plugins for your business website, If your business website is having page loading issues or any technical problems, then evaluating of the plugins must not be overlooked.

To have a business website that is aligned with the latest Internet trends, it is important to find a credible web design Essex company having years of experience and practical industry knowledge.