WiFi Connectivity Needs on a Temporary Basis at Indoor / Outdoor Events

Although internet has now become a regular part of people’s habits and day to day life, there are two unique industries that weren’t able to completely understand the essence of this technology – events and hospitality.

For an unknown reason, many organizers of indoor and outdoor events are hesitant to provide this almost basic human right. Others even charge incredibly high prices for what was supposed to be free. This applies to trade fairs and shows. However, no matter what the event might be, you can expect that the free WiFi offered, if there is any, is going to be quite weak, particularly during those peak hours.

Why are temporary WiFi solutions necessary during indoor and outdoor events, then?

Aside from killing time, there are actually several actual business reasons why temporary internet solutions are essential for events, outdoor and indoor alike.

For one, internet access is necessary to read and send emails. Even if you might be too busy dealing with things during your event, there will always be some idle times. Instead of wasting and waiting time, the team can be more productive by responding to and reading emails to avoid affecting most of the office work.

Internet also comes in handy for demonstrations. Show your app, your blog, or your website to attendees. Even though using it might not be a part of your plan, having the necessary tools available at your disposal to help you convince prospects is definitely a must.

Also, you cannot forget about the comfort level of attendees. Keeping potential customers at an event is far from being an easy task. Offering sweets and treats is the traditional method of attracting and retaining visitors. Having reliable temporary WiFi solutions for potential customers can encourage them to stick around for a longer time.

Lastly, WiFi connection is also essential for keeping digital records of the attendees’ data. The use of traditional pen and paper method is a sound backup plan but you can exponentially increase efficiency if you save all of your business cards, photos, and reports straight on an online tool.