What are the benefits of Live Chat Support?

What are the benefits of Live Chat Support?

The most important reason to use Live Chat is that it increases the conversion rates of your website. According to studies in this area, e-commerce websites that use Live Chat have a conversion rate that is three times higher. This argument should be enough for any merchant wishing to increase his turnover! Of the 100 largest e-commerce sites, almost a third have integrated Live Chat!

Thanks to Live Chat, you increase the trust of your customers and prospects, which also improves the professionalism of your site. Visitors feel safer and have ongoing, visible and available help. Many internet users are lost during their first visit to a website, so they feel safer and can go directly to the services they seek. Offering a Live Chat enhances the image, legitimacy, and seriousness of the company in the minds of visitors. Live Chat also helps to connect with visitors and potential customers. It “humanizes” your site and shows your commitment to customer service.

Live Chat increases sales

A study by the Base Chat Telefonnummer ersetzt durch Locatalk  shows that live chat helps to increase conversions by at least 20%. Customers who use live chat on the site are three times more likely to shop compared to a site that does not have one. Because live chat gives visitors instant access to your customer service and/or salespeople, your team has many more opportunities to turn those visitors into customers.

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More than a service tool, the live chat makes it possible to put forward promotional offers in a more personalized way by speaking directly to the interlocutor.

Improves customer service and loyalty

To provide you a obvious thought: digital client service surveyed 2000 consumers who found that live chat reached the highest customer satisfaction levels at 73%, compared to 61% for consumers. email and only 44% for traditional phone support.

Live chat allows you to solve problems faster, give quick answers to questions about your products, and assure your customers that you are there when they need you. It’s a simple but very effective recipe for improving customer service and loyalty.

It is an affordable tool with a good ROI

Live chat is additional reasonably priced than customary phone support. business can put aside up to 50% by using live chat. There are different solutions and live chat modules. For example, you can completely outsource the service and pay only the cost of the lead or use the live chat internally by your teams. Everyone will find his formula according to his objectives.