The most common issues faced when using a MacBook

The most common issues faced when using a MacBook

Your Macbook is your prized possession. Any issues with it can be really disturbing. Well, any electronic equipment is prone to hiccups after some years of use for that matter.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you. Let’s see some common issues with Macbook and how you can go about with your MacBook repair.

  • Battery Issues 

The most common issue is with the battery. You must be wondering, after so many hours of charging your device isn’t battery full. The battery of your Macbook drains faster than usual is an issue to be concerned.

You can try power management reset and try to restart your MacBook. This can help solve the problem. However, if you are in the middle of something important, there are chances that you may lose your data.

In such cases, you can reset SMC. First, power off your MacBook. Holding the power button, press ‘Shift+Control’.  Then release all the keys for your MacBook to restart. You can restore lost data from backup or Mac data recovery software.

  • USB device won’t connect

Sometimes you may encounter the problem of an external device like the USB device not being recognized by your Mac. This is also a common problem. It gives a hassle when you want to transfer some files urgently.

To solve this, check if the USB is working with any other device. Check your MacBook’s port to ensure no damages are found. Also, make sure that the external device is compatible with your version of Mac. If nothing works, it may be an internal hardware issue that needs specialist attention. Take it to your nearest Mac service center and get help.

  • Black screen on startup

When you get a black or blue screen on startup it means the startup has failed. The problem may be with any app that has forced a failed startup. Sometimes the screen color may be grey with the Apple logo. In such cases, it is due to software issues.

  In such cases, try to restart your MacBook manually. You may delete the app that is causing trouble during login. If a manual restart is not possible try to boot in Safe mode. Use the Disk Utility Tool to find out and fix the problem.

  • Folders Disappear

During an update, there is a possibility of folders getting removed.

A regular backup on iCloud, external hard drive can solve the issue. You can also try to rebuild Apple Mail application. Search the Trash icon to see if any folders have landed there.

The above information can help you identify the possible causes of trouble in your Mac. Take the help of an expert to fix the issues further.