How to Get 500 Followers On Twitter

How to Get 500 Followers On Twitter

How to get 500 followers on Twitter without doing anything special. the goal: write this post. Getting 500 followers is easy, simple and unnecessary. Keep in mind that the main objective of this Post is not to encourage people to use this practice to get 500 followers, but to explain how unhelpful it is to get followers in this way. Yes, I got to surpass 500 followers and it works for absolutely nothing. The important thing is not the number of followers, but the quality of these.

Why follow the “influencers” first?

When one begins to follow “influencers” it turns out that some of them follow you, as I mentioned by the Follow Back. And there is the first step to get 500 followers quickly, attack those who already have many followers. This most of the time is done automatically with Twitter account programming to follow all who follow you. But not only that, other followers have programmed automatisms to begin to automatically follow the people who follow a certain “influencer” that they think they can eat the crumbs. To this type of Twitter user, I only think of qualifying him for Digital Remora. The Remoras are those fish that stick to the shark so that it gives them security and can eat the remains that are left over. And in the same way,

In the concept “Influencer” we can qualify almost any type of “famous” person on the internet. This can be music groups, actors and actresses, you tubers, instagramers, successful entrepreneurs and any other type of Twitter account that has a huge amount of followers.

Get Followers On Twitter Fast

Then, follow the brands and companies “cool”.

Following the same technique, follow the most “cool” companies of the moment guarantees a good handful of extra Remoras. Here the thing gets more thematic. If you follow a publishing company of books, you get arrears that are writers, other publishers and other accounts that I have not known they do, certainly. This is what happened to me with audio companies, of bread, of any kind. The result was a good handful of extra followers.

The final trail:

In all this, there is an important data to “petarlo” on Twitter and ascend in the number of followers exponentially. What we can call the final train. This is to make your Follow Back, too, to the Remoras. In my case it was a somewhat more tiring work since everything I did by hand, it could have been easier to automate the Follow Back, but my theory did not require too much time. This I would call the final trail, since it turns out that some Remoras have their own Remoras. Something that I found extremely curious. A whole strange digital ecosystem, but to achieve the goal I wanted, 500 followers, I found it most valid.