How to earn a salary playing video games with Twitch

How to earn a salary playing video games with Twitch

For a year he combined it with his work, but when he discovered the service of Partner (Partner) of Twitch , he decided to quit his job and become a professional streamer .

Twitch followers is a streaming platform that has already become the YouTube of video games. It has  45 million unique visitors per month . But unlike the Google service, on Twitch it is very easy to broadcast your own videos in streaming, live.

You can do it from your computer, although both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles already integrate Twitch, Galaxy Marketing so you can upload the recordings of your games, or transmit them live:

Most players retransmit for fun . But if you are very good at playing a certain game, you have charisma and people have fun watching you play, you will start to see how your games are filled with followers.

This is where the Twitch Partner service comes into play (never better said)  , which allows you to  earn money by streaming , through subscriptions to your channel, or through ads that appear in your games, or through donations from your followers

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Use social networks

The new Twitch streamers often overlook the power of social networks in the construction of their brands. l. One of the biggest benefits of social networks is that they can expose you to new potential followers who would not have discovered it in another way.

Tip: While it may be tempting to use social media simply as a notification service for your new transmissions, people are more likely to respond to those who use their accounts authentically. Do not fill out your Twitter feed with automated notifications from Twitch streams. Make a tweet about your life and the news of the game that interests you. Post photos of your collection of games, controllers and computer settings. When you announce a new stream, make the post unique and specify what you are going to do in the stream.

Go to Meetings and Events

Connecting with fans and fans online can be effective, but not much better than meeting people in person. Throughout the year there are numerous videogame and streaming events in almost all the major cities of the world, and they can be excellent places to meet other streamers, exchange tips, make new friends and gain followers. We advise you to create some business cards to give to people you meet at events. The cards must show your real name, the name of your Twitch channel, and the addresses of any other social media account where you want people to follow you. Most people will want this information anyway, and having it already written on a card will save you a lot of time.